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LBMA數據顯示目前對白銀的需求更多 LBMA數據顯示目前對白銀的需求更多
LBMA data shows there is more demand for silver at the moment

Rajan Dhall 
Friday April 02, 2021 07:17
The LBMA have released their latest gold holdings and clearing statistics data. The association have said at the end February 2021, there were 9,559 tonnes of gold, valued at $535.6 billion. This much gold equates to approximately 764,741 gold bars. When it comes to silver, at the end of February 2021, there were 34,996 tonnes of silver, valued at $30 billion. This is around 1,166,540 silver bars.
For February, clearing stats were unchanged month on month (m/m) at 18.8 mn ounces, with the corresponding value 2.9% lower at $34.1 bn. There were 4,650 transfers in February broadly in line with the previous month, with the clearers settling on average 4,053 ounces per transfer, 0.7% higher m/m.
2月份,結算數據月度(m / m)保持不變,為1,880萬盎司,相應減少2.9%,至341億美元。 2月份與前一個月基本持平,共進行了4,650筆交易,清算員平均每筆交易結算了4,053盎司,月比增加了0.7%。
For silver, the volume of ounces transferred in February increased by 30% to 336.2 mn ounces, with the corresponding value transferred more than 37% higher m/m at $9.2 bn. The number of transfers in February increased by 44% m/m to 2,737, with the clearers settling on average 122,830 ounces per transfer, 9.8% lower m/m.
就白銀而言,2月份轉移的盎司量增加了30%,達到3.362億盎司,相應的轉移值增加了37%,月均價格為92億美元。 2月份的轉儲數量增加了44%,比上月增加了2/737,其中清算員平均每筆轉移了122,830盎司,比上月減少了9.8%。
This price has been reflected in the price action as the silver chart still has a more bullish structure on the daily timeframe. Any move lower in gold has been more toward the main consolidation low but the silver price is still no way near any major support zones. The CFTC data is showing that shorts are at very high levels for gold and silver is still holding up better in that respect too.
該價格已反映在價格走勢中,因為白銀圖表在每日時間範圍內仍具有更為看漲的結構。黃金的任何下跌都更多地朝向主要合併低位,但是白銀價格仍然離主要支撐區域尚有距離。 CFTC的數據顯示,在這方面,黃金和白銀的空頭處於非常高的水平。
By Rajan Dhall
For Kitco News

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