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鈀金吸引新關注,因供應商Nornickel供應問題使價格突破每盎司2,500美元 鈀金吸引新關注,因供應商Nornickel供應問題使價格突破每盎司2,500美元
Palladium attracting new attention as prices test $2,500 on Nornickel supply issues

Neils Christensen
Wednesday March 17, 2021 09:47

High-flying palladium is back in the spotlight again, and one bank sees the potential for a new breakout as the market faces a deeper supply deficit in 2021.
Tuesday, palladium prices rallied 5% to test critical resistance at $2,500 an ounce after Russian mining giant and the world's largest palladium producer Nornickel said that its nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium output could be 15-20% short of its original guidance.
Although prices are down from Tuesday's high, palladium is still holding on to some of its recent gains. June palladium futures last traded at $2,477.50 an ounce, down 0.58% on the day.
儘管價格從周二的高位回落,但鈀金仍保持近期漲幅。 6月鈀金期貨最新報每盎司2,477.50美元,當日下跌0.58%。
Because of mine closures last month due to water issues, Nornickel said that it expects platinum group metals production to fall by 710,000 ounces.
Analysts have noted that the palladium market already has a significant supply deficit, and the latest news only exacerbates the issues.
Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank, said that $2,500 has proven to be a substantial barrier for palladium prices.
德國商業銀行大宗商品研究負責人歐根·溫伯格(Eugen Weinberg)表示,事實證明2,500美元是鈀金價格的重大障礙。
"However, the price could make further gains in view of the tight physical supply situation. Indeed, the situation could soon tighten even further as sales of new cars are likely to be given a boost when the corona-related mobility restrictions are lifted in Europe, which is expected to happen soon," he said.
“但是,鑑於現貨供應緊張的情況,價格可能會進一步上漲。的確,隨著歐洲取消電暈相關的出行限制,新車的銷量可能會得到提振,這種情況可能很快會進一步收緊。 預計很快就會發生。”他說。
Although palladium is a precious metal, almost all of its demand comes from industrial fabrication. It is a critical metal in catalytic converters in gasoline-powered engines.
Looking at palladium's technical outlook, Karen Jones, head of technical analysis at Commerzbank, said that the metal needs to close above the November high of $2,516.51 an ounce.
德國商業銀行技術分析負責人凱倫·瓊斯(Karen Jones)觀察鈀金的技術前景時表示,該金屬價格必須收於11月高點每盎司2,516.51美元上方。
"A close above here will signal further strength to the 78.6% retracement at $2,581. This is regarded as the last defense for the $2,878 2020 peak," she said.
Some market analysts have noted that with growing expectations of a robust global economic recovery, platinum group metals should continue to outperform gold's safe-haven allure with their strong industrial demand.
By Neils Christensen

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